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Reunion at Overstone Golf Club 2023
table layout
1970s leavers
1960s leavers
1979 web
Chris pelley
Founder's Day 2023
We had a very successful Founder's Day at Stowe Gardens, which is beginning to be a favourite place for these gatherings. Sixteen Old Overstonians were able to attend.
stowe group
Stowe group Roberta
stowe Bridget
stowe 23
stowe 2023
Reunion Lunch 2021
2021 getting redy
young ones
Great photos taken recently by Bridget Peirson -Davis
main house BPD
Main House
The bridge
The bridge in the park
BPD OVerstone
Main house
young ones
Helen Osborne sent this photo of children in the junior school, but she is not sure what year. Any ideas?
claire G dorm photo
Photo from Claire Geenen in the dorm
1929 netball
A marvellous image found by Bridget Peirson -Davis of 1929 netball game
Gillian Boddington and Karin Bolshoff posted these photos on Facebook.
GP Rounders Team
Rounders Team
Back row Sarah Boddington, Anne Tillotson, ?  ?
Front Row ? ? Robin Pearce, Jackie Boddington ?   Please help me with the names
GP girls at opne window
Sunbathing at open window
GB netball
1968 Netball Team  help needed with names please
GB fancy dress
Fancy dress party, or school play?
GB dressed as cowboy
Gillian dressed as cowboy after a talk in the library. Careers advice?
GB class photo
Class photo V Alpha 1969
2019 65 leavers
1965 Leavers
3 ladies
Kate Sainsbury, Bridget Peirson- Davis and Sue Jordan
Liz Ackernlry
Liz Ackernley (Mrs Rayner) brought her floral dress!
place setting
Place setting
2 sues
Two Sues
sanna ans viv
Treasurers  old and new
Dining room, Madam Chairman in flow
1960 leavers
maggie and Di
Choir practice
robinson nashes
Greys Court 2019
group Founders day
Charmain and DLC
Alison Pope, Charmian Eberle and Di Laird Craig
Girls from the end of 60s, Di Laird Craig became Head Girl and went on to be the first woman to trade on the Stock Market floor. I hope that is Alison Pope and not her sister Lorna ...please advise!
Photos from Karin Boshoff
KB photo
Girls at the works 1970s
sanna Daw
Sanna Daw
KB 2 girls
Two ladies from Karin Boshoff collection
quarter deck KB
Recognise anyone?
u15 lax
Back Row L to R : Candida, Karen, Dawn, Deborah, Teresa, Sue W
Front Row L to R: Lindsay, Elspeth, Jessica, Sarah  W, Michelle, Tracy,
Founder's Day 2018 at Upton House
Group of girls Upton House
Lorrie Lumley, Jane Collins, Carol Childs, Sue Dawkins, Jane Wilmot Smith and Sue Caple Jordan
Jnae c etc
L to R Jane Collins, Margaret Staniford (on next table) Sue Dawkins, Lorrie Lumley, Sue Church, Carol Childs and Sue Caple Jordan
jj sb jh ro
L to R Julia Jelley, Sue Bennett, Sister Rosemary Kemsley, Jane Haworth
L to R Jane Swintek, Marie Baker, Margaret Staniford, Sue Sharland, Cherry Gibbs
Lerryn etc
L to R Lerryn Rolt, Carol Childs and Sue Caple Jordan ( on next table) Maggie Witherick , Roberta Coe
First evening of our York Visit
Maiden names for easy identification!
cote 3
RHS Pat Newton, Liz Waldron, Cherry Drummond
Cote 2
LHS Di Bellwood, Jackie Wright, Marie Hodson, Mandy Lawrence, Julia Stone
RHS Maggie Bates, Pat Newton, Liz Waldron , Cherry Drummond
Cote 1
LHS Joyce Peel, Anna Gordon, Jacqui Fairbairn, Margaret Hartley, Sue Bates
RHS Jane Burrell, Mary Bellwood, Roberta Tooke, Sue Ennis, Viv Syratt
Boat Trip
RHS Anna Gordon, Jane Burrell, Sue Ennis
LHS Viv Syratt, Sue Bates, Roberta Tooke
We were so lucky with the weather!
JH mansion house
In the Mansion House with Jane Burrell
The Trearurer
Our Treasurer peruses the menu at Betty's Tea Room
The Cosy club
The Cosy Club
The last evening, after Happy Hour at a waterside cocktail bar for some of us!
L to R : Roberta Tooke, Sue Ennis, Margaret Hartley, Sue Bates, Jane Burrelland Jacqui Fairbairn.
The following photo was sent  by Jane Swintek (Kimberley) who left in 1955
Founders day
Founder's Day
Very back row L to R:Jane Winstanley, Judith  Crook,Shirley Gosling, Jane Kimberley
Next Tier: L to R Juliet Eardley, Cynthia Brownlee,Gay Walton, Sally Myron, Veronica Albertini, Merrillie Young, Judith Bow,
Primrose Palmer, Phillida Robertson, Caroline Westrop, Pauline Peck, Lynn Wilson, Tania Eustace -  Smith
Ann Thompson and Jacqueline Janes
Here is a collection of photos from Liz Cox, and also Tony Graham who took the building shots in particular the devasting fire image. Liz posted these on the Overstone Facebook Page and it has led to the most wonderful discussions and trips down memory lane.There are more to come but all need resizing, school teams circa 1971.
Overstone Lax Team 1961
Back row L to R  we need help with the names!
Front Row L to R : Sandra Steele -Baume,  we need help with the rest!
Rounders Team 1971
Back row L to R  Jane Canon
Front Row L to R  Lorraine Chown, Liz Cox, ?  Gillian Boddington ...more names please!
2001 Fire
Here is a highly dramatic view of the fire
These photos have been sent by Mr James Fitzgerald
111 form
Form 111 1968
L to R standing: Judith Robshaw, Helen Luck, Barbara Kirkby,Mary Smalley
Sitting: Priscilla Marvin, Angela Arlington, Melinda Rose, Catherine Collcutt, Susan Weston
1v beta
Form 1V 1968
L to R  Standing: Lynn Murray, Susan Culham, Shirley and Carol Smart, Joanna Kingston, Anne Blake, Jane Maxwell, Annette Widdowson
Seated: Gillian Luck, Teresa Luck, Karen Bolton, Jane Wilmot-Smith, Jane Reynolds, Sarah Whitton, Jennifer Longfoot
A selection of photos sent to Joyce Peel  from Sue Burmaster  now living in Sarasota
sue Burmaaster
Sue Burmaster 1963 with friend!
Marion Hindley
Marion Hindley
The late Veronica Hindley  ( who was the model Ika in the 70s)
Lyn and Sue
Lyn Allebone and Sue Sharland ...definitely out of bounds!
sixth form Graden
L to R   On wall Helen Newberry, ? Di Laird Craig?  Standing RobertaTooke , Kathy Cockburn, Sue Bates hidden by Sue Relton, Invisible girl, Babs Peel, Gilvray Ackernly
Kneeling Rosemary Crone and Helen Bird
helen newberry
rose garden
sue S and Lyn
Glittering array for the Reunion of 2017
sb jch scj kc
Sue Burgess, Jo Cahill Shaw Sue Caple Jordan Kate Carroll
shelley and Sanna
Shelley Redbart Sanna Daw
sd etc
Sanna Daw Sue Sutcliffe Jo Northfield Sue Burgess
Sue Dawkins Sue Sharland Anthea Coffey
Marie Baker Liz Waldron Sally Harris Mandy Park
Liz Waldron Sally Harris Mandy Park Julia Jelley
Jennifer Lewellin, Margaret Jones Ann Gale Cherry Gibbs
ag sb vw sd
Anna Gordon Sue Bates Vivien White Sue Dawkins
ac jb
Anthea Coffey, Roberta Coe, Jane Haworth and Anna Gordon from mid 60s leavers group
Marie Baker, Mandy Parks and Roberta Coe enjoy a drink before lunch
sr jcs sb
Shelley Redbart. Jo Cahill Shaw and Sue Burgess enjoy a glass of prosecco before lunch
Sue Caple Jordan, Sue Bates and new member Jane Wilkes meet up at Riverside Deli for a nice lunch
ice cream
Sue Caple Jordan ( editor of Keystone) and Sue Bates (website) enjoy a well earned ice cream!
Roberta Coe (Tooke)  Monica Rom (Haas) Elaine Ralphs and Di Meggy (Middleton) all met up on a blowy Norfolk day. Di not on this photo!
Just a one photo from the recent 1960 Leavers lunch at the Victoria , Strathearn Place , London, arranged by Margaret Jones. Sadly the quality of some others were not good enough to print, I am working on a couple more!
maggie stra
Margaret  Bates ( Jones) Ann Gale  Reunion at The Victoria ,Strathearn  June 2017
Jane Buckingham/Cowling, Lorrie Lumley/Chown, Sue Laverick, Judith Tonry/Mitchell, Kate Carroll/Cortis Bingle!
Marie Baker/Hodson, Julia Jelley/Stone Mandy Park/Lawrence( hidden) Cherry Gibbs/Drummond, Lerryn Rolt/Rice, Sue Sharland/Ennis (hidden) Jane Haworth/Burrell
Sadly two girls are hidden behind, it is so difficult to see the screen on a sunny day
L to R  Sue Burgess/Downing, Sue Bennett/Bates , Jo Cahill  -Shaw/Cahill, Jo Johnson/Northfield
foundr 2017
L to R  Jane Buckingham/ Cowling, Lorrie Lumley /Chown, Sue Laverick, Judith Tonry/Mitchell, Bingle, Kate Cortis/ Carroll, Sue Jordan/Caple  I didn't make a note of Sue Laverick's married name, and I think I only know Bingle as Bingle, so apologies, and I wait to be put right!
Pictures sent by Jane Little
1960s Tennis Team . Standing L to R Jane Little, Pip Denton, Susan Croome, Angela Petrie.
Sitting L to R  Clare Madden, Pixie MacLehose, Jill Timmins
front stairs
Reunion at Overstone of girls in Jane Little's year, working left to right from the front:  
Peta Rowntree, Jane Little, Maggie Streather, Libby Wakeford, Ann Darnell, Clare Madden, Julie Raven, Erica Finnegan, Gay Homfrey, Pam McColl, Sandy Rogers, Jenny Sidders, Vicky Buck, Caroline Ward
jane L
Off the diving board
Jane Little
Walking back frrom from the swimming pool
Netball Team 1970s
Netball Team at the Works 1970s
Girl from 70s
Terry LUck
Terry Luck
Girls at works
Bridget Hill, Gill and Terry Luck, Annette Widowson, Lyn Murray
Kneeling Jane Wilmot Smith, also in back row Jo Fabery (red headed), Jane Scholfield and Joni Hawksley.
We may not have these girls in L to R order, if you can do it exactly please email website@overstoneschool.co.uk
The following photos were  posted on Facebook by Samantha Whyte O'Boyle. She has kindly given her permission for us to repzroduce them here. They were all taken around 1975/76
Mrs Berstein
Girls circa 1975
Main House
Front Hall
Carolin Julia caroline
Julia Finzel, Caroline Hitchcock (Nitchy) Caroline Thompson
Front hall sam O B
Davina Fillingham, Lolly Burton-Hogan ( Mrs Jones) Mr Urmson, unsure of the next girl Sue Caple (Mrs Jordan)

Back row L to R:  Margaret Hartley, Judy Walton , Clare Baynes, Stella Piercy, Fo Page, Unsure of last girl

Front Row: Jackie Boddington ,  Mary Burney, Linda Rees, Olivia Lodder, Kay Kennedy, Sarah Boddington

Please helpus identify correctly!


Back Row L to R Unsure of first girl, Fo Page Fiona McLean

Front Row : Nicola Rowntree, Lizzie Wilcocks , Helen Newberry

Judy Knights ( Mrs Porter), Roberta Tooke ( Mrs Coe) Elspeth Page ( Mrs Lewin)
Girls and boy  from the Mid Seventies, Can anyone identify them?

Gathering at the Victoria Pub, Strathearn Place, Bayswater. 1960s Leavers, plus one younger sister

L to R Jennifer House ( Llewellin), Mary Albertini (Shaw), Sue Bates ,Ann Gale, Margaret Bates ( Jones) Julia Stone ( Jelley)


Netball Team 1961/62

Front Row L to R Elspeth Page (Lewin) Erica Finnegan (Hawker) Clare Madden (Conant)

Back Row L to R Lizzie Knights, Anthea Quick ( Coffey) Lizzie Wilcocks ,Libby Hinton

Monks Path in the Summer
Anna Gordon welcomes us to Edinburgh  
Sue discovers something on the menu?
Fo Page and friends: Fo standing, Sandy Lawson second from left
Sent by Alison Engleby, Can you identify anyone?


Front Hall, Back Row  second in : Diana Laird -Craig? can you identify yourself?


L-R Clare Reffin, Davina Fillingham, Camilla Bascombe, Chris Simpson (Irvine) Fee Anderson ( Burns) Caroline Dempster ( Higgs) Judith Tonry ( Mitchell) , Sue Jordan ( Caple)

Front Of Main House
Towards the end of the school's life
Photo from Fo Page , staff members Mrs Richardson and Miss Titley ( who married science teacher Mr Smith)


Photos sent from a staff member in the 70s


Art Room Sarah Turnock (art teacher) Pamela King, Alison Warman, Patricia Sumner seated on right, Christine Gibbs and Loretta Rose standing, Fiona Maxwell and Susan Chambers centre and right in background. Angela Dickinson is opposite Fiona Jean Brooks behind Alison


Staff Match


70s Girls


Sarah Long, Sue Laverick, Lorraine Chown plus friend


Music Time!


Up at the Lax Pitch


Some of the images are from a photo album dated 1931/32.


Do keep checking back on these pages as new photos are added each month.



Across the lake


Before the dining room was built.






Dancing in the Amphitheatre




A past teacher has sent this collection of photos for us to have a look at! If you recognise yourself please let us know! There are more to come, but here is a taste of the memories

Sue Dickinson and Jan Roberts


Sue Dickinson, Jane Smalley Julie Chowne


Sue Laverick, Sarah Long and Lorraine Chown


Staff Netball match. Standing :Ed Allen, Chris Pelly, Stewart Edwards, Mrs Roberts Sitting with netball Alice Parker



A photo from Jennifer Llewellin ( Jennings) of her confirmation day. We all had to have our veils hairgripped to our skulls.



Summertime in Bristol with the 1963/65 leavers at Babs Peel's House


A gathering of 1963/65 leavers at Babs Peel's house in Bristol


This looks like it was taken near the Walled Garden 1950s


Circa 1979 Getting ready to go to school. Quite new uniform and badge here


Year group reunion ...with fags! 1970s leavers


From Jane Swintek ...sometime in the 1950s


Circa 1965 from Beany Everitt


Class photo from Beany Everitt



These photos were taken at Lambeth Palace in 1999 when Jennifer Llewellin invited old girls to a luch in the grounds



Lambeth Palace 1999



Lambeth Palace 1999



Lambeth Palace 1999



Reunion at Lambeth Palace 1999


1931/76 quarter dek


A group of 1976 leavers photographed in the same spot, on "The Quarterdeck"  as it was known at one time


plum , wix ND ESWELMONT



We found this photo in the archives. From left to right Miss Plumptre, later to be Headteacher, Miss Wix and Mrs Esslemont, founding headteachers , and seated Henrietta Franklin, our founder. There is no date for this, but it must come from the 30s we think. Is there anyone out there who can give us more information?

Staff circa 1963 Front row Miss Luff, (Games) the next two we are unsure of. Back row left to right: Mrs Roberts,( tennis, netball) Miss Cornell, ( 4th form class teacher) Miss Hooton, (Class teacher) Miss Bang ( German) and Miss Whiffen (Art).
Miss Bang was memorable for riding a sit up and beg bike down to the works ringing her bell and shouting "Get out of my way!"


Ann Westley



Jackie Wright

I was recently sent this photo by a friend whose Grandmother lived on the Overstone Road. It gives an idea of the fire that raged on that fateful day. You can see the fire engine's ladder on the left handside of the building.



Recently girls across the years met at our chairman's house for a very jolly dinner. Back row: Sue Sharland (nee Ennis)Treasurer, Sue Bates , secretary. Seated Roberta Coe (nee Tooke) kneeling Di Meggy (nee Middleton) and seated Elaine Reynolds (nee Ralphs). All the golden oldies were in the same year, and Di and Elaine were in the same year. We all knew and remembered each other. Elaine was so thrilled to meet up again, not only has she joined OA but has also put 12th September our reunion in London in her diary! Hope you have all done the same.



Elaine on top of the Church tower!



Lorrie Lumley ( Graham nee Chown) has identified this as being 27th March 1986 at Sywell Motel ( the aerodrome). The lunch took place after a service in the church where the speaker was Rev. Grant Welch. Lorrie was Chairman, Joyce Peel Secretary and Colonel Clarke Treasurer.



Gymnastics Team circa 1963


Gym display on the terrace



Classroom in about 1962, with Miss Gilson, Gillie to us. Sue Bates is in the back row first on the right. Roberta Coe (Tooke) is against the wall , just under the picture.



Class room with Miss Eastoe ...or Dolly as we called her!



Class room


Class room



Cedar Dorm


All the following photos have come from Margaret Bates ( Jones) who left in 1960. They chart the year group reunions organised amongst themselves.

One of the early year group Reunions at The Victoria pub, Strathearn Place London.


A Reunion in London to coincide with the Picasso exhibition in 2000


Ladies from the late 50s and early 60s lunching at Marie Hodson's (Baker) house.


A Reunion hosted by Marie Hodson ( Baker)



A Reunion at Lambeth Palace, kindly hosted by Jennifer House ( Llewellin). A great mixture of years were present.


Reunion at Overstone Golf Course, a mixture of years, Roberta Tooke's elbow, Sue Bates, Marie Hodson and Ann Pochin talking across to Judy Knights


A past Reunion featuring girls who left late 50's early 60's


 Back row L to R Prue Maclehose, Jo ?, Pip Denton,  Terry?, Angela Petrie? ?
Front Row L to R Caroline Hargreaves, Jennifer House, Chris Bell, Ro Stone, Marie Hodson, Di Bellwood, Pixie Maclehose



Here are a few memories from the girls in the mid 50s. They all left around 1960, more later when I have worked out who everyone is.

All photos from Jennifer House ( Mrs Llewellin)



The Rep Dress with white detachable collars!



Looking at the new Keystone, with a very helpful member of staff from The Victoria, Strathearn Place W2



Julia Stone ( Jelley) brought pictures of an Ambleside Conference with Mrs Esselmont, Miss Wix and Miss Lynn in attendance.



Photos and chat and wine! More of the 1960's year group photos will be here soon. Jennifer House ( Llewellin)  and Margaret Bates ( Jones) brought past photos to share. Watch this space!


Photo used for prospectus. Rounders on the lax pitch, from Virginia Graham ( Mrs Edmundson)


Picnic on Parents' Day...all parked up on the grass in the park before the cattle grid!

from Virginia Graham (Mrs Edmundson)



Sunbathing at the back of the Gym 1962

From Virginia Graham ( Mrs Edmundson)

 With Mr Urmson Form Va Carol Dewey, Suzanne Lumb, Fiona McLean, Theresa, Sheila Storie-Pugh, Annette Gardner, Anna Gordon and Jane Burrell

24th July 1964 from Virginia Graham ( Mrs Edmundson)


Staff Tennis Match

Front Row: ? Mrs Kerr Alice Parker Mrs Roberts

Back Row: Mrs Steele Baume ? ? Mrs Parrott (Polly) ?


L -R Sue Bates Roberta Tooke Mr Hollowell Helen Bird Babs Peel

Sue Burmaster in front of Roberta.


Far right standing Jill Pratelli with thumb up, Clare Baynes?

Far right seated Olivia Lodder with hand at chin level

Kay Kennedy (draped on chair) Sue? Mary Burney Jenny Berry Jane Cowley


L to R: Sally Pochin (standing) Miss Luff . Roberta Tooke (behind the bars) Sarah Lewis  on bars Rosemary Kemsley balancing, Sue Bates balancing to floor Monica haas and Gilvray Ackernley standing against bars.

Gail Wright on horse.

If you can identify any bottoms or the girl upside down please tell us!


Class room at the Works circa 1961. Front Row: Lerryn Rice, Monica Haas, Kate Kerensky, Heather Peters and Babs Peel

Second Row: Kathy Cockburn, Jane Brown, Lyn Allibone

Back Row: Alison Grant, Maryam Hessabi and Rosemary Crone

Here are a few past photos that we have been sent. If you would like to share any of your past or current photos please email them as a jpeg to info@overstoneschool.co.uk


1963?  5th Form at Whistlefield. 

Left to Right back row: Joyce Peel, Pauline Cowper, Carolyn Simmonds, Annette Powell, Ruth Coleman, Kirsty Hone

Kneeling: Anthea Quick, Sarianne Durie, Vicky Mather, Sue Relton? Mary Bellwood


1964 ? Supper Party

Seated at the front Roberta Tooke,(Coe) right hand side Sue Bates perched on side of Kathy Cockburn's chair, Babs Peel, Helen Bird Nicky Ashley Linda Baskind

Left Hand side Mina Shadab? ? ? Marion Hindley

I think this was a supper that Judy Knights and Virginia Graham helped prepare for someof their friends and the sixth form.


 Girl Guides near the spinney circa 1963

back row: We can identify Helen Bird, (far left) then Sarianne and Kirsty ( family names lost to us!) Rosie Howden, Heather Peters, Sandra Watson

On the ground Jill Pratelli, ( centre)  Wendy Burn, Frances Lack ,Olivia Lodder, Jill Pratelli. If you can give us more names we would be delighted!




Back row Left to Right : Diana Hay, ? a Danish girl, Penny Sclater, Victoria Howard Smith Middle Row Left to Right: Helen Dixon, Kay Kennedy, Jill Pratelli, Daphne Barnett, Jane Cowling Front row Left to Right: : Olivia Lodder, Gina Clive and Mary Burney






Left to right Harriet Hutchings, Lynne MacDonald (standing) Elizabeth (Buffy) Hope Picture submitted by Jane Hoskin



Lacrosse Team circa 1965

Back row:Judy Walton, Sue Bates, Nicky Rowntree

Second Row: Babs Peel,  Angie Orton  Judy Knights

Seated: Ros ? ,Olivia Lodder, Linda Rees, Margaret Hartley, Sally Boddington?




 1937 Photo from a Fieldtrip to Venice. Miss Lynn at the back, Miss Plumptre, second from right seated

























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