Overstone School

Northampton 1929-1979

Overstone Association Membership for Old Overstonians and Staff Members


Overstone Association



The aim of the Association is to keep Old Overstonians in touch with each other. We have a constitution that can be viewed on this site. 



At the present time we have a membership of 114 girls. The oldest left Overstone in 1946. The youngest left when the school closed in 1979.


It is easy to join the Overstone Association, you can use the email contact below and a form will be sent to you. Alternatively you can contact our secretary : Jo Northfield, 57 Bougainvillea Drive, Northampton, NN3 3XD . Email : info@overstoneschool.co.uk


The cost of joining is 7 per annum, or during 2019 you can pay 7 which will last until December 2019.  The subscription  renewals are generally sent out in the early part of the year following. i.e January 2019. We will be asking for 2 years payment if possible as this helps the treasurer. Also we are moving towards BAC payments, details of the bank account will be on the form. Some folk prefer to pay by standing order 7.00 per annum which is also very acceptable. Members may wish to donate a small sum with the subscription, for instance , an annual standing order rounded up to 10 would be very acceptable. Good old paper cheques will still be welcomed!


What is provided:

We produce a members contact address booklet annually, we mail all members with dates of events and give preferential price and booking for our bi annual London Reunion.

Keystone is produced biannually and sent to all paid up members. keystone@overstoneschool.co.uk

The website is updated once a month : website@overstoneschool.co.uk


To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation we are legally obliged to inform you about our storage and use your personal information. . From time to time we contact you by post, email and on rare occassions by telephone. However, if a member asks us not to contact them, we always do as they wish. We ask members to chose their preferred modes of contact when they join the Overstone Association. Members may change their preferences at anytime by contacting the secretary at info@overstoneschool.co.uk

If you do not consent to allow us to contact you in these ways we must, by law, remove your details from our records and thereby you will miss out on vital information.However, you can always check our activities on the website: ww.overstoneschool.co.uk

 1. What do we store?  When you become a member we ask for your contact details, home address, email address, telephone number, maiden name and the year in which you left Overstone School;

2. Where and why are your details stored? Your details are stored by the Association Secretary so that we can contact you about Association matters, eg subscription renewals, invitations, requests for news and the Keystone magazine;

3. Who has access to these details? The Association Secretary or a designated Committee Member. Fully paid up members may see this information in the address booklet. If we receive a request for contact details from a non member we never divulge them directly, we contact the member with the enquirer’s details so that the member may contact them directly;

4. We never share any contact details with a third party.



Email contact: info@overstoneschool.co.uk


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The Committee


Members of the Committee:





Sue Bates


Jo Northfield


Vivien White


Committee Members

Sue Dawkins


 Sue Sharland


 Sanna Daw

Cherry Gibbs



Keystone Editor 2020




Ex Officio Responsibilities

Judith Tonry keystone@overstoneschool.co.uk

Julia Jelley  

Sue Bates  website@overstoneschool.co.uk




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